Common Questions Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you find out more information about our services; however, please contact us if your questions are not answered.

Yes. We invest in the best quality tools and equipment to make sure the time we spend with you is used as productively as possible.
Yes. To give you the best possible garden we can, we need to get to know you and your garden. When your gardener is on holiday we will arrange a temporary replacement. We do have to change our schedule occasionally but it’s always done with the intention of improving your service.
If it’s very wet we may have to cancel but more often than not we are able to do some jobs. We look to do the best for your garden that we can within your arranged time and for the time of the year.
Yes. Winter visits prevent the need for an expensive, Spring clean-up. The winter months also has a charm of their own so keeping the garden looking its best through this period is important to get year round enjoyment from your gard
Yes. As a regular customer you will get as much expert advice as you need.
Yes. There is a charge for picking and collecting plants for your garden that reflects the time it takes to do this task.
Yes sure, as long as it’s one or two. A larger amount of planting could be done for you as an extra job.
No. But we can recommend a good supplier.
Before commencing any work not covered by your maintenance package we will agree either an hourly rate or a fixed price.
Each package is tailored to your needs so will include whatever you need it to. During your free consultation we will have a chat to find out what your precise requirements are and recommend a package that suit your needs.
No. If the service is no longer required you can cancel at any time.
Yes. Within the Avery team we have a huge amount of knowledge and experience.
You will be allocated a time in our schedule. This will then be your regular visit time. We may need to change this occasionally but we will always have a discussion with you before any changes are made.
Usually within 14 days, sometimes immediately.
No. We are able to visit your home and do the required work without you needing to be there. If you have any special requests you can always phone or email ahead of our visit. If you are away from home we can email you our job report which contains photos of your garden.
Visit duration is fairly consistent. There is some variation throughout the year, most notably the winter visits are shorter. We aim to leave your gardening looking its best whatever time of the year or whatever the weather conditions.
No. We do like to have regular contact with you but it’s not necessary for ongoing work. We carry out all core maintenance tasks each visit. I’m sure you will have tasks you’d like to discuss from time to time and we may have things we’d like to bring to your attention.
Yes. There is a charge for waste disposal in line with the costs incurred by us.
Payments for your annual maintenance package are spread across 12 months of equal amount. This is done by setting up a direct debit for the 1st of each month and will cover the work for that month.
We offer a no quibble full refund if you are not completely happy with the service. This is done on a per month basis.
Yes. We have very good level of insurance and also a comprehensive safety policy put together with the help of C2 Safety, an award winning H & S company.