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Autumn Fruiting Raspberries

Video Transcript

I just want to show you very quickly before the next rain shower starts this beautiful golden raspberry.

You can see it’s very different from your typical reds and pinks that you’d get from a raspberry cane.

Autumn Fruiting Cane

Now this is growing on an Autumn fruiting cane or a primer cane. All that means is that this cane you can see here is grown flowered and fruited all this year.

Now this has been yielding from about July and we’re now well into October, so you get a really long fruiting period.

After Care for Winter

Now the after care for this cane once it finishes fruiting it goes dormant, will loose its leaves and you want to cut it back in about February time either to the ground or if you’re like me you can cheat a little bit and leave a small little stump about 20 cm from the ground.

From the side shoot you can see in there it will throw up some more side shoots next year and will fruit and flower again slightly earlier from about June/July time.

Summer Fruit and Flowering Canes

But in that time new canes like this will grow in the meantime so you’ll get a really long cropping period slightly different from the summer fruit canes and flowering canes.

They will throw up canes one year but they won’t flower or fruit that year but then over winter, so you tie those canes in and then the following year they’ll flower and fruit, almost like a bi-annual.

So slightly different but really worth mixing the two types of canes together so you get a really good long cropping period of raspberries.

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