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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Services

Let Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance help you maintain the trees on your grounds, garden or estate to keep them healthy and to enhance their overall appearance. We offer a wide range of tree surgery services to all of our customers to help them manage their outdoor spaces all year round.

We offer professional and safe tree removal services. In some cases, trees are beyond recovery or pose a threat to the surrounding property, and they need to be removed.

We employ skilled tree surgeons who can identify the problem and safely remove the tree without damaging the surroundings.

Tree Pruning and Planting

Pruning trees is vital for their growth and health. Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance provides professional pruning services that enhance the appearance of trees and promote healthy growth.

We also offer a tree planting service to our clients. We can give you expert advice on what trees are best suited for your grounds and where they should be planted. This ensures that the trees will thrive in the right conditions and grow as intended.

Emergency Tree Surgery

Sometimes weather conditions or other unforeseeable events may cause damage to trees, posing a risk to your property and safety. Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance offers emergency tree surgery removal services to help you in such situations.

If you would like us to conduct a tree survey to see if you have any trees that need to be controlled or removed then please contact us today.

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