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Grounds Maintenance Case Study Walkthrough

Hi, I’m Martin from Avery Gardens. I wanted to show you a case study today of one of the sites we look after and do grounds maintenance for. It’s an absolutely dreadful wet day. There’s lots of things we’re going to try and get done today, so I’m just going to show you around the site and then I’ll come back later when the guys have done the work and you can see what we’ve been up to.

So we’re going to be cutting the grass today and also trimming around all these shrubs to give it a nice sharp look. We’ve got some new planting here – we’ve got some ground cover plants. As you can see, the bindweed has really started to rocket so we’re going to dig all that out the best we can today.

Grass Cutting

This spring the grass has been going absolutely bonkers so we’re going to be cutting the grass. As you can see, there’s a huge mound there that was supposed to have wild flowers on it, but that’s not worked so we’re going to be strimming all that out and the customer wants it put back down to the regularly strimmed mound of grass.

So this is another area of new planting, again you can see quite a lot of bindweed starting to come up, so we’re going to go through that by hand, clear all the gutters and make sure that’s nice and clear.

Weed Clearance

This is the entrance to the property and we’re going to trim in this low shrub at the front, clear any weeds that are starting to grow over the shrubs – just get everything nice and sharp so when the residents drive in everything’s looking good and the grass will be cut.

Okay, so that’s it. I shall go back later on this afternoon when the guys have done some work and show you what they’ve been up to.

Okay, so we’re back in the afternoon, the guys have been on site doing some work today. Most of the tasks got finished, so I’ll just walk you through those bits and pieces they’ve done. There will be some follow up work to do as it’s quite a big site. All the spring growth has gone absolutely bonkers, but it did dry up.

So we did get the grass cut, hedges done and some weeds cut, that sort of thing. So this is one of the main lawns. I’ve taken it a little bit shorter than we have done in the past just because it’s growing so quick. It was only a fortnightly cut. If you’re observant, you’ll see we didn’t quite get around to cutting the mound, but we did use the mower to cut the flat bit on the top and a wide path going up there and that’ll be done on a subsequent visit.

So this bed we’ve weeded through, got rid of all the bindweed. It’s a brand new planting, so there’s some small ground cover cotoneasters in there so they were just getting covered over a bit. This is one of the bed’s areas we focused on today and the lawn in the middle. So we’ve trimmed all the shrubs around there.

Grillo Mower

There’s quite a nice formal area of this and a nice tight cut on the grass. I just thought I’d show you the mower we’ve been using today. So this is a Grillo mower, Italian made. It’s an out front deck with a floating deck. So it rides up and down the undulations quite nicely and it’s a high dump. It collects all the grass and all runs on hydraulics. That particular machine there is about 30,000 pounds.

This is just a different view of the same area. Now you’re going to see the formal hedging going around the building and here’s another lawn area and this shows where that floating deck really comes into its own. I don’t know if it comes out very well in the videos, but it’s actually very lumpy, this lawn. And so that floating deck rides over those lumps nicely and stops it scalping.

This is the main entrance to the building, so again, more hedge cutting, cleaning down the hard surfaces a little bit. We need to apply some moss killer there or get it brushed off. Again, that’s a job for a subsequent visit.

There you go. That’s what one of the teams did today. It’s a nice site. It’s a grade two listed building. Used to be a convent and is now down to residential. So there’s lots of apartments, blocks of flats here. I hope you found that interesting, bye for now.

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