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Grounds Maintenance Yeovil

Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance understands the importance of maintaining a well-kept and attractive external space for businesses.

Our year-round commercial grounds maintenance solutions in Yeovil are designed to help ensure your grounds are thriving throughout the seasons.

Our experienced team takes care of everything from mowing and pruning to leaf removal and snow clearance, ensuring that your external space always looks its best.

We use only the most advanced equipment and techniques to maintain your grounds to the highest possible standard so that you can focus on your business without worrying about the state of your external space.

We work closely with clients in Yeovil to understand their needs so that we can provide year-round commercial grounds maintenance solutions.

Garden Maintenance Yeovil

As a professional outdoor garden maintenance company, we understand the importance of keeping your outdoor space looking its best.

Whether you have a small garden or a large country estate in Yeovil, we can help ensure your outdoor space is always in the best condition.

Our team highly values attention to detail and understands that every garden has unique characteristics that require tailored maintenance programs.

Estate Management

As a trusted provider of estate management services, Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance boasts years of experience dealing with properties of all shapes and sizes throughout Yeovil and the South West.

From small-scale properties to large estates, our team possesses the expertise and know-how needed to manage estates of all complexities.

We understand the importance of meticulous attention to detail and strive to work closely with our clients to tailor our services according to their unique requirements.

Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

The exterior of your commercial premises is important to maintain. Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance can take care of all your external grounds maintenance Yeovil whether you have one location or are a multi-site company. We offer a full range of services including:

  • Trimming trees and shrubs
  • Maintaining flower beds
  • Weed control and fertilisation
  • Lawn care and mowing
  • Tree surgery and maintenance
  • Site clearance

If you would like to find out more about our full range of grounds and garden maintenance take a look at our services here.

About Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance

Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance is an experienced and professional grounds maintenance company helping over 100 companies across Yeovil, Taunton, Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we specialise in garden maintenance and tree management services that guarantee outstanding quality results for our clients.

Our team prides itself on being knowledgeable about all aspects of garden maintenance – from planting flowering beds to maintaining lawns with precision—allowing us to provide an exemplary service at an affordable price.

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