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Grade 2 Listed Buildings

This Grade 2 listed building is on a number of different levels. There is box hedging to the front and a long walkway that goes down the back. This property has a large lawn that we maintain on a weekly basis, together with lawn treatments to keep the weeds out and keep it nice and green.

We have also added quite a bit of new planting in the garden a mix of herbaceous plants, mixed shrubs to give sort of year round interest.

So there’s quite a lot of gravel around the garden, so we usually have to either hand weed or spray those with herbicides to keep the gravel down.

Another Grade 2 listed building we look after has quite significant lawns to the front of it, and a nice sweeping driveway. We look after all the trees and hedges, maintain the lawn areas and weed any borders.

Communal Grounds Areas

We also look after domestic properties and in the video you will see a communal courtyard area where we maintain box hedging, cut the grass for each of the properties and maintain the pathways and hedges.

View the full video here showing a number of different properties that we maintain the grounds for.

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