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All About Viburnum Plicatum

Video Transcript

Hi there welcome to Avery Gardens my name is Matt and I just want to show you very quickly the stunning Viburnum.

This is Viburnum Plicatum and you can see it’s got stunning red leaves at this time of year. We’re in late October now and so the Autumn is really taking hold a lot of leaves are beginning to turn and this is really popping at this time of year.

The sun’s out as well so it really gives this beautiful silhouette. It’s a real must have shrub in the Autumn and in your shrub borders it does flower and has lovely white flowers in kind of late spring and those flowers then go over to berries but the birds have eaten them off already.

So not only does it give you really good seasonal interest through spring and into Autumn but it also provides some nice food for birds so it’s a really multifaceted shrub it’s a real must have in your shrub borders.

Where to Grow Viburnum Plicatum

In terms of growing its really simple it loves a nice sunny position so it’s growing here against the wall so it’s getting sun for most of the day that really kind of gives the leaves the best chance to express themselves with this beautiful colour.

Type of Soil for Viburnum Plicatum

Soil wise it will grow in most soils so anything from kind of clay or sand. I always say if you have extremes in either side, so if you have really heavy soil it’s really worth thinning it out with some compost or organic matter.

So just put some mulch on and that will help break the clay down. And on the flip side if you have really light sandy soil again put some organic matter down, some compost and that will help bulk it out and help retain the moisture which will give the roots and the plant the best chance to thrive.

A Versatile Shrub

So, Viburnum Plicatum, it’s a really versatile shrub at its best in Autumn as you can see and it goes really well with some kind of awesome flowering perennials like Sedum.

So, you can really continue the interest in your borders from spring when it flowers right until the winter because when the leaves drop you’ll be left with this beautiful kind of skeleton structure of these tiered stems.

And, if you plant it near things like Dogwood they have beautifully fiery red or even yellow stems and so you can continue the seasonal interest right up until the winter.

So, Viburnum Plicatum if you’re looking for a shrub that will give you all year round interest and it’s quite easy to grow this is the plant you want.

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