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Spring Garden Tidy Up

Avery Gardens Spring Garden Tidy Up

Hi, I’m Martin from Avery Gardens. I’m going to show you a quick video just to give you some examples of the kinds of things we do during a typical garden tidy up. So this one was done towards the end of winter. No gardening work had been done here since the previous growing season. You can see the guys just whipping around the garden doing various bits and pieces.

Removing Debris from the Lawn

So I’ll just get that video going and then I shall talk you through the kinds of stuff they’re doing. So as you can see, they’re just starting by getting rid of all the worst of the leaves and the loose debris from the lawn just to give them a nice sort of clean area to start working on.

Hedge Trimming

You’ve got one of the guys there who’s going around with a hedge cutter trimming up, working through the beds cutting things back, getting rid of any of the old dead stuff, reducing ready for the spring growth, working up the hedge cutter again, just trimming things up.

Lawn Edging

We’ve got Sam over here sharpening up the lawn edges, hoeing through the beds, just giving it a nice tidy finish, nice clean surface ready for the new season. Making sure there’s no residual weeds there that have stayed through the winter months, picking up the loose debris.

Leaf Blowing

I saw someone standing around for a brief moment, obviously thinking about what he was going to do. There’s sort of a final blow down of the leaves. Last few bits and pieces in the corners of the beds, those sorts of things just to add a little bit of polish. And that’s about it.

Garden Ready For Spring

There we go. So the garden’s all ready for spring. So just to summarise we’ve got edging of the lawns, trimming things back to sort of get them within the scope of the beds, sharpening up lawn edges, removal of any last debris and leaves and sticks and things like that that might have accumulated over the winter months.

So there you go, just a very quick video just to see the kinds of stuff we could do for you.

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