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Ways to Screen Your Garden from Overlooking Neighbours

Garden Screening

Creating a private oasis in your garden or commercial grounds where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the great outdoors without feeling watched by neighbours is essential for many homeowners.

While having people close by can be useful in some circumstances, this does not mean you have to face their prying eyes every time you want to go outdoors. You should be able to enjoy your garden in peace and privacy, whether you’re entertaining or relaxing alone.

For commercial property owners you may want to screen your grounds from busy roads or create more security by creating an enclosed space.

Fortunately, there are various methods to shield your outdoor space from prying eyes and in this guide Avery Gardens & Grounds Maintenance provides some top tips.

Planting Tall Shrubs and Hedges

Plant dense shrubs or fast-growing hedges along the borders of your garden can form a natural green barrier that can offer privacy where you need it most.

Species like laurel, yew, or privet can provide lush foliage that obscures the view from outside while also offering a habitat for wildlife, adding more greenery to the garden that you can enjoy in complete privacy.

Installing Privacy Fencing

The easiest way to create privacy in your garden is through fencing. Erect a high, solid privacy fence around the perimeter of your garden to prevent overlooking neighbours and other intrusions.

For maximum privacy without compromising on aesthetic appeal, choose materials such as wood or composite that blend well with the natural environment. Another great option is trellising, which can be added to soften the look of the fence with climbing plants.

Not only does this look great and add more greenery to the garden, but can also enhance the seclusion experienced by covering any gaps with plants.

Using Decorative Screens

Decorative screens made from wood, metal, or woven materials can add a stylish element to your garden while blocking visibility.

These can be stand-alone features or incorporated into an existing structure, such as a pergola or gazebo to enhance the privacy experienced in these zones. Pulling the screens to a close can seclude areas like the gazebo, allowing for private entertainment or al fresco dining when required.

Building a Pergola with a Canopy

Alternatively, a pergola with drapes or a retractable canopy can create a secluded spot within your garden which can be adjusted on demand. Canopies and curtains can be a luxurious addition to pergolas and there are many style options available to suit your taste.

Canopies are particularly useful for creating privacy in a specific area, like a dining or lounging space and can be adjusted on demand.

Adding Tall Grasses and Bamboo

For a more organic look to your garden, plant tall ornamental grasses or clumping bamboo in key areas or across your garden privacy screen.

These plants move with the wind, adding a dynamic and tranquil element to your privacy screen, as well as creating more interest in the garden as a whole.

Integrating Vertical Gardens

Even if space is limited in your garden, you do not have to be subjected to overlooking neighbours. Instead, you could plant a vertical garden against a wall or fence to enhance privacy. This could involve climbing plants, wall planters, or even a living wall system.

By planting vertically, you do not have to sacrifice any ground space or worry about having too much clutter in the garden while still enhancing your privacy. Not only will vertical gardens prevent your neighbours from looking into your outdoor space, but also add more greenery and interest that you can enjoy.

Using Water Features

Introduce a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall to create more privacy in your garden.

While these do not necessarily prevent overlooking neighbours, the sound of water can provide auditory privacy and drown out conversations, making it less likely for neighbours to overhear.

It is best to combine ambient noise like this with other privacy elements, such as visual aids, to ensure seclusion.

Incorporating Garden Art

Strategically placed garden art or mirrors can distract from the fact that there’s a privacy screen at all.

Mirrors, especially, can create an illusion of depth, making the garden appear larger than it is and offer visual appeal, while also protecting your space from overlooking neighbours.

Just because you desire privacy, does not mean you have to suffer with an unattractive garden. Art and mirrors, along with many other features, can improve the appearance of your outdoor space while also preventing your neighbours from intruding.


Remember, when implementing these solutions, it’s important to check local planning regulations and consider the maintenance requirements.

A well-designed privacy screen not only provides seclusion but can also enhance the overall look and feel of your garden sanctuary – whether you opt for art, plants or climbing flowers.

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