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How To Add More Interest To Your Garden

Revive Your Outdoor Space With Enchanting Features

Do you find that your garden is lacking a certain charm? If you are experiencing a sense of falling out of love with your garden, then it may be time for a redesign to make it more interesting.

An interesting garden requires a careful blend of enchanting design with natural elements to offer a stunning landscape that is inviting to all.

Over time, your garden can lose its appeal and become a dull background to your home. Without the interest that was once present, you may find yourself uninspired to spend time outdoors and all of this potential is being wasted as time goes on. This is why introducing fresh new ideas with landscaping is essential if you want an interesting garden once more.

At Avery Gardens, we offer a range of services that can improve your current garden and transform it into an interesting space that the whole family can enjoy. Combining the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape with interesting garden design, we can reinspire you to spend more time outdoors with our interesting garden guide.

How To Create A New Garden Design

To successfully design an interesting garden and create an enjoyable environment for the whole family, you first need to understand some of the basics of landscaping and garden design. Familiarising yourself with the basics of this process allows you to determine where the most work is required to make your garden interesting and how you can achieve this goal.

Every garden redesign or landscaping project, regardless of the scale or location, starts with a site evaluation. This initial assessment is required to understand the land and what kind of work will be needed to meet your goals for a garden transformation.

In this evaluation, the form, contours, direction and size of the landscape will be accessed by landscapers as this will inform all future decisions.

As the best garden designs are those that incorporate natural elements into the landscape, assessing the current state of your garden is crucial. This information allows professionals to create an interesting garden that compliments the surrounding landscape, while also meeting your desires for entertainment, relaxation or sustainability.

Once the site has been assessed and a plan is being formed regarding the scale of the work required, it is now time to consider your theme. The theme is a way for landscapers and their clients to connect and ensure they are on the same page when it comes to the results they want to yield.

When it comes to making an interesting garden, there are many themes you can consider – even a combination of different aesthetics, with different sections of your garden evoking something unique. During the initial design process, this is something you can work on with your landscaping team and together can create a theme that will make an enchanting and interesting outdoor space that is unique to you.

Best Ways To Add Interest To Your Garden

With an understanding of the garden design process and how it should begin, it is time to consider some of the ways you can make your garden interesting.

Adding more interest and excitement to the garden will likely require a combination of features, but these tips can also be used independently based on your goal. Blending garden features and design with natural elements is a great way to create an interesting garden that is uniquely yours.

Here are some of the best ways you can add more interest to your garden and create a space you truly love:

Embrace Variety in Planting

An ideal starting point in garden design is plants. Flowers, foliage, and potted plants are not only visually appealing elements to have in the garden, but also add more interest with a mixture of colour and shapes throughout the landscape.

It is highly recommended to use an assortment of plant species and flower types when creating an interesting garden. Blending perennial and annual plants not only gives you a range of beauty to enjoy now but also ensures that the interest will last in your garden throughout the year.

As well as combining different types of plants, also consider mixing textures and heights of foliage and flowers to keep things interesting. This mixture of sizes, shapes and textures will add depth to your garden, keeping things interesting and ensuring the natural elements stand out. Likewise, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and consider adding an array of flowers or flowering plants to the space to give multiple points of interest.

There are so many different types of plants out there that you can experiment with, both from the local landscape and around the world, so you can create interest in a way that is truly unique to you.

Experiment With Colour

Similar to mixing various types of plants and flowers, experimenting with different colours in your garden can add depth and intrigue.

Adding colour to the garden does not just mean focusing on plants and flowers, although this is a great way to do so and ensure there are natural elements to the landscape. But colour can also be added through garden furniture and features that you incorporate within your design, giving you a broad spectrum of shades to play with.

Colours are instrumental in setting the mood and are a key element in any form of design. When it comes to adding interest to the garden, experimenting with different shades and colour schemes can be incredibly fun and lead to success with your goal.

Different colours evoke different emotions and this is something you can play with to make your garden interesting.

For example, warm colours like reds and yellows create a lively and spirited atmosphere, perfect for entertaining areas. Cooler colours such as white and blue, foster tranquillity, so they are ideal for a peaceful reading corner or secluded relaxation spot in the garden.

If you are unsure where to begin, professional landscapers and designers can offer guidance regarding colour schemes and garden features, as well as how to incorporate these into your garden to set the right tone.

Set The Ambience With Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting offers much more than standard illumination, as it is vital in setting the mood and creating ambience as soon as the sun goes down. When the natural light fades, garden lights can be used to set the tone of the evening and create interesting areas of shade and light.

Lighting in the garden is vital for safety purposes, as it helps to light up areas like garden paths, but this does not mean it has to be boring. Outdoor lighting is a great tool for interest and ambience in the areas of your garden designed for entertaining or relaxing.

From twinkling fairy lights to traditional garden lanterns, outdoor lighting can help create any desired mood in your garden and highlight the areas of interest after sundown.

Water For Sound And Visual Appeal

Water features are a brilliant addition to add more interest in your garden and there are options to suit all landscapes. Whether it’s fountains, waterfalls or small ponds, water features not only create a stunning visual element in the garden, and a focal point of interest, but their ambient sound is also a beautiful benefit.

Running water creates a tranquil ambient sound that will become the background to many a day spent in your garden. A great tool for relaxation and privacy, the constant running water also adds intrigue throughout the garden.

If you cannot have running water features in the garden, whether this is due to space or budget restrictions, you do not have to miss out. Even the simplest water feature, like a bird bath, can create areas of interest in the garden.

Not only can the stagnant water play stunningly with light, bird baths will attract not only birds but other creatures like insects and even frogs to your garden which is an interesting spectacle for people of all ages to enjoy.

How To Maintain Interest Through The Seasons

Keeping your garden interesting is not a one-time effort. As with most things regarding landscaping, it is an ongoing process to keep your garden interesting and ensure it retains its charm.

Due to the changing elements and fluctuating weather patterns, work is required throughout the year to ensure you can maintain this enchanting environment in all seasons.

Garden maintenance is the key to keeping things interesting outdoors, and the following services are essential for lasting results.

Seasonal Planting

A blend of both perennial and annual plants is advised to generate interest in your garden and ensure there is always something for you to enjoy, no matter the season. However, even with this mixture of plant types, adding work is going to be required if you want to maintain this interest and are relying mainly on plants and foliage to do this.

Seasonal planting is one of the best ways to keep your garden interesting all year long. This is a planned process and one that you will need to consider ahead of time to ensure you get things right. With the right plan, you can plant in your garden to ensure there is always something flourishing.

By creating a seasonal plan, and taking care of the plants as required, you can ensure that the life cycles sync up – as one plant ends its life, another is just beginning to bloom so you are never without intrigue in the garden throughout the year.

Natural Nourishment

To promote healthy growth in your plants throughout the year, organic mulch and compost should be used. Not only do these natural plant feeders provide essential nutrients to enrich your plants so they continue flourishing throughout the season, but they also offer additional benefits such as water retention, weed suppression and soil enrichment to create a healthier garden overall.

Cultivating a healthy environment through natural means like mulch and compost, allows plants to go through their natural cycles and ensure your interesting garden continues to thrive.

Pruning For Garden’s Health

Regular pruning contributes significantly to maintaining the form and overall health of your plants, lawn and other natural life in your garden. To get the best results from pruning, it is a good idea to perform it seasonally to prepare your garden for the changing weather conditions.

The more committed you are to pruning and garden maintenance, the better results you can expect to see.

Although it may seem counterintuitive initially, pruning plants promotes new growth and encourages flowering in plants so they will flourish. When done regularly, pruning encourages your plants and flowers to grow well and will maintain the interest you have cultivated in your garden all year long.

Maintaining your garden is a commitment, but it is worth your time, effort and money as a healthy garden is an interesting one. All the efforts you put in to take care of your garden will continue to pay off, ensuring you have an enchanting outdoor space that maintains it charm.

Avery Gardens: Your Companion in Garden Maintenance

At Avery Gardens, we offer a wide range of services to help you add interest to your garden and maintain this charm all year round. We offer maintenance services, ground clearance and pruning to help you create a thriving outdoor environment that is enhancing to all.

Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the highest standard of work and we connect directly with our clients to ensure we can meet their specific needs for their garden.

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