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Lifting and Storing Dahlias

Video Transcript

Hi there welcome to Avery Gardens. Now we’re in November time and so the frosts are on their way so if you’re growing Dahlias it’s a really good idea at this time of year to lift them and store them.

Now you can leave them in the ground if you’re growing them in the ground but you have to really give them a thick layer of mulch to insulate them from the frosts that are coming. And also the chances are they’re lightly to rot over the winter because they’ll be sitting in wet soil.

Lift and Dry Them

So your best bet is to lift them up. So before you do that as I’ve done here cut them back and shake off as much of the soil as you can so you’ve got a nice clear tuba. Put them into a tray like so and in a greenhouse or a shed or a garage leave them on the side so they can dry off for a couple of days.

Plant in Container

Once they’re dry take them out of the tray and find a decent sized pot or container to put them in. Then put a nice gravelly compost mix, not too wet, kind of dry as you can get it without being bone dry and then leave that on the side in this nice dry compost to open for winter.

Re Pot In February

Now come February time you’ll start to notice that as it’s warming up it will start to grow again. Take it out of the temporary container and put it into a fresh container with fresh compost and then in the daytime you can leave it outside to sort of climatise to the weather.

Plant Out in May

Bring it in at night and then once the risk of frost is completely gone in kind of May time you can then plant it back out into your borders. But for right now in November if you’ve got Dahlias don’t forget to lift them up and store them to protect them over Winter.

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